Kota Wisata Fantasy Island, Cibubur

Kota Wisata Fantasy Island sounds great, a theme park for kids and loads of shopping and eating options, they even have a website http://www.kota-wisata.com/fantasy-island. It’s located in a housing cluster in Cibubur, south of Jakarta.

Fantasy Island is an artificial island that you can enjoy the beauty of dragon   other water recreation fun with the water cycle. In the recreational arena   operating since December 1999, there is a Jurassic park that provides   of exciting and challenging game for the whole family. This recreation areais truly a paradise for children to play. Once you are satisfied to play and recreation, guests can enjoy eals at the  Food City is adjacent to the Tourism Kampoeng.

Fantasy Island is built on an area of 6 ha of land behind the Travel Kampoeng exactly in the middle of the lake in which there are 15 exciting rides include:

Bumper Car, Aladin, Baloon  Race, Cross Cable, Boat Fancy, Fancy Car, Car Go, Sky Cycle, Water Plan, Car Battery, Convoy, Fancy Train, Flying horse, HelyCopter, and others.

In addition to Fantasy Island, on the lake there is also a game that is no less enjoyable, such as the Dragon Boat, Canoe, Water Bike,ATV,  , Mini Pedicab, Wara-Wiri, Water Ball, etc..

Fantasy Island (in the area) is open every Saturday & Sunday and Public Holidays from 10.00 am s /  d  17:30 pm. Meanwhile, outside the area, open daily from10.00 am s / d 17:30 pm

Starting in April 2011, has been operating a vehicle Dragon Boat Night. Which is open every Saturday & Sunday until 21.00 pm

Sounds good, sounds exciting, sounds interesting. Well, the reality could not have been further from the truth. It was run down, broken and empty. Almost a ghost town, one had to search to find staff and when you did find a staff member they were generally unhappy at being interrupted from their sms’ing and were unhelpful and not particularly knowledgeable.

The Kampoeng Cina, was the busiest place, about 40% occupancy of the stalls, however, they all seemed to be selling the same thing, cheap Chinese red dresses. The Kampoeng America was a bunch of concrete stalls with either a Hollywood or cowboy theme. 95% of them were closed and looked like they had been closed for years. One or two brave stall owners sold, you guessed it, Chinese red dresses.

There were a couple of fried tofu and fried banana stalls. We continued on to visit Fantasy Island and Jurassic Park itself. A nominal fee of 8,000 IDR was charged. (80 cents). First problem, our young baby has to go through the turnstile in her push chair (and rain). Some tricky maneuvering and we made it to a flight of stairs. Great thinking.

Up and over, some old, broken dinosaurs rearing out of the water leaned over us as we entered the island. They were made of wire and cheap metal or plastic.Clearly they had not been looked after since they had been built.

None of the rides were open in the rain and at least the cab car ride had not been used in a few years given that trees had grown up and through the wires. Notice the wires in this picture as they head towards the tower.A few of the rides, go karts, train rides would be suitable for kids aged about 5.

Summary, we will not be going back. Worst tourist attraction, ever!


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3 Responses to Kota Wisata Fantasy Island, Cibubur

  1. tjahaju says:

    i went there 2 years ago, fortunately during the chinese new year event so it was crowd enough. seems like you guys choose the wrong day 😀
    but you’re right; the same item shops, unfriendly shopkeeper, rainy… not worth my time going back there.

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  3. Arif hidayat says:

    Indahnya kota cibubur wisata aku ingin sekali melihat perumahan dan ke wisatawan

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