Krakatoa (Krakatau) Volcano Day Trip or Camping

Krakatoa (Krakatau) Volcano has be visited as a one day trip or one can arrange a camping trip, in which you can see, if you’re lucky a red glow and even watch Krakatoa spew out some sparks.

Krakatoa is located between the islands of Java and Sumatra, in the middle of the busy shipping lane of Sunda Straight. Though, technically, Krakatoa Volcano blew itself to pieces in 1883 and what is there now is Anak Krakatoa, or Child of Krakatoa, as it began growing after the mammoth eruption and is still rapidly growing (about 30-50 cms per year, I think).

An excellent book to read for background information about this Volcano is “Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883” by Simon Winchester.

“Krakatoa (the book) is, also like its subject, deserving of superlatives.: It is thrilling, comprehensive, literate, meticulously researched and scientifically accurate; it is one of the best books ever written about the history and significance of a natural disaster.”

Richard Ellis, The New York Times Book Review


“The book is a fluent, eloquent and well-calibrated balance of spirited and fast-moving storytelling, historical analysis and scientific explanation. Though digressive — Winchester finds it difficult not to get excited about the things of this earth (“A well-made barograph is a joy to behold”) and few people know as much as he does about the relentless westward march of telegraph poles — it never sags.”

Michael Glover, Financial Times

Krakatoa is accessible via Sumatra (Lampung) or Java (Anyer, Carita or even Tanjung Lesung). There’s little difference in cost or time, just depends on what else you are doing. I’ve heard, though not done it yet that one can organise an overnight camping trip, staying on different neighboring island (which, as you can see from the picture below is actually the remnants of the original volcano) where you can see the glow of the lava (if you are lucky) from the beach.

For the trip itself you have a choice of speedboat (2 hours) or fishing boat (4 hours).

Speedboat seats 4-6 people and usually costs around $400, the fishing boat costs same, but you can fit 10-12 people on it. (and thus cheaper per head.). But do not underestimate the time.

The lumpy black rock just behind the boat, is actually a solidified pyroclastic flow. (or solid lava).

The first we  time we took a fishing boat, the 4 hour trip there were fine, but after walking up a volcano, having lunch and then another four hours on a diesel stinking, noisy, vibrating wooden boat was pretty much too much.

Subsequent trips have involved a speed boat, which also gives you extra time to explore, and snorkel (or some dive trips, I have heard) plus searching for and swimming with dolphins.

A no brainer, imo.

I have not used this company yet, but I have heard good things.

I understand they will also pick you up in Jakarta. But any hotel/resort in Kalianda, Anyer, Carita etc can put you onto a boat.

You can climb up to this ridge line. (nobody is allowed to climb to the very top, as it is completely dangerous and stupid. Every couple of years someone gets hurt or dies just climbing to the ridge.) You are always escorted by a Park Ranger, as this area is considered a national park. And he or she will not allow you to go if it is too dangerous.

Wear shoes or sneakers, the ash / rock is hot and loose. (one time I wore flip flops, big mistake.)

Actually, that time we didn’t stay that long, we just climbed to the ridge, took a couple of pics, our guide was nervous (the vent is still 100 metres higher and about 200 metres away) and then it belched out some rocks, and I got a fright as I realised that they cover the whole sky (so you cannot dodge them, think a shower of rock) and the unpredictability of them. Luckily that burst didn’t make it the entire distance but we decided not to push our luck.

Once we got down to that treed area we heard a massive boom the shook the ground.

Another time we visited we hardly saw any smoke at all, let alone rocks being ejected and no loud explosions.

You could actually do it in a weekend, though a long weekend or week trip might be better.

FRIDAY: Arrive Jakarta airport early evening. Rental car (probably best pre-arranged) pick up airport and drive to Anyer/Cerita which is west coast of Java. There is plenty of resorts/hotels along this area. (about 3 hour trip) or 5 hours to the resort I was staying at in Sumatra, or indeed, catch a second flight to Lampung (30 mins) then 2 hour drive by taxi (cost $25)

SATURDAY: boat trip to Krakatoa leaves after breakfast, returns mid afternoon.

SUNDAY: travel back to jakarta.

or stay a few more days, there is canoes to hire, swimming pool, bicycles, camping trips, ropes course, etc other places of interest include a national park, a beach area called pasir putih that has boats trips to islands and coral reefs etc.

We can  pick you  up in Jakarta air port or Jakarta city at 6:00 am for meeting service with our representative than transfer by car directly to coastal town of Carita beach take about 4 hour

From West Java Side

Car hire can be done with by booking through an agency that does the tours, such as I mentioned earlier. or a car hire company.

most car hire companies will charge about $35-55 per day including driver and petrol (not toll way or driver overtime fees, both are very minimal though)

I use one guy called Adrian +622132 639113 – he speaks reasonable English, he will deliver and drop off the car to your house/hotel.

Or another company that advertises in the newspapers is Nimrala +62855 1021922 or +6281890 2505 (no idea how good/bad they are)

Anyer/Carita, I imagine no real difference, I could be wrong.

I stayed at a resort called Travellers Krakatoa Nirwana Resort – decent rooms and restaurant a week of dinners, alcohol and accommodation cost about $500

Welcome to Krakatoa Nirwana Resort Website
+62 727 322 888, 322 900

The resort even had free wireless internet at the dining areas.


Pak Yundi

He can arrange a pick up from the airport (local in Sumatra, Lampung, but perhaps even Jakarta)

He arranged us a car and driver for the day (450,000 rupiah including petrol) and the driver was GOOD, as opposed to other nutcase drivers I’ve had. and the car was WELL MAINTAINED as opposed to other car rentals I’ve had.

He arranged the Krakatoa trip, speed boat or fishing boat.

I’m sure that every resort in the area could do this also, but sometimes it’s nice to have a direct number.

Other links for tours


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14 Responses to Krakatoa (Krakatau) Volcano Day Trip or Camping

  1. Pranav says:

    Interesting. 🙂

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  3. Thanks for stopping by “Teacher’s Count” and reading my post. You have some great pictures as well as adventures in store for you and family. Take care!

  4. imornesia says:

    nice trip.. awesome

  5. Ryan Ortiz says:

    I recently viewed Krakatoa for the first time on my vacation. I started to cry at the might of our Lord and his magic in life and death. I trembled as I saw a vision of an eruption. That night I had a dream about a Jewish Jesus floating over an erupting volcano. The background was dark green. The man was light skin and had very curly hair. I think the green symbolizes a last name or a dark forest. I saw a large wave hitting the Statue of Liberty. For some reason my skin has been super dry after this vision. Later, when my plane took off there was blue and white LED lighting in the plane for some reason and I found a dreidel on the floor next to a magazine about a tidal wave. Very Strange.

  6. Will be touring Indonesia in August 2014 and hope to visit Krakatoa.Your blog is excellent and a good guide. You haven’t mentioned the average cost per person. What would be the “Package tour cost” for Krakatoa from Jakarta and back in a single day ? Thanks.

  7. Rakata says:

    perjalanan yang sangat menyenangkan, saya harap anda akan dantang kembali ke anak krakatau, telah terjadi letusan pada bulan februari 2017.

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