Shao Lin Temple

Any martial artist aficionado will know of the stories of martial arts originating with Chinese Buddhist monks in the Shao Lin Temple, now, despite the veracity or not of this legend, Shao Lin Temple Monastery is a well known place in China.

The alleged birth place of Kung Fu. Shao Lin Temple is located in Shao Lin Sha, a mountainous region about 80km westwards of Zheng Zhou in the middle of China….You can catch a bus from Xi’an  (home of the Terracotta Warriors) and then a minibus to Zheng Zhou, and then another to Dengfeng  登封. 

You can catch tourist buses in and out each day, from Zheng Zhou or you can choose to stay in the town in order to beat the crowds and visit the temple early in the mornings or late in the afternoons when it is less busy.

Martial arts groups from all over the world have made donations for the upkeep of the temple and grounds, and are subsequently honoured with carved stones near the entrance of the temple.

In the past, many people have tried to capitalize on the Shaolin Monastery by building their own schools on Mount Song. However, the Chinese government eventually outlawed this, and so the schools all moved to the nearby towns, such as Dengfeng. However, it is only a short walk away in a picturesque pine forest.

During the days in town you can visit some of the schools to watch the lines of martial arts classes performing their Kung Fu and Wu Shu, hoping to become the next Bruce Li or Jackie Chan.


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  1. Pak Liam says:

    Thanks for the likes, this really was an awesome place to visit! I totally recommend it.

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