Pramuka Island

Pramuka Island is a relatively inexpensive destination for anyone living in Jakarta. Pulau Pramuka is the capital of the Pulau Seribu Regency. (1000 islands) Although it is called thousand islands the reality is more like two hundred islands. However, it is still a lovely place to visit. Do not expect 5 star resorts and comforts, despite being close to Jakarta, Pramuka and the other islands are still very ‘rustic’.

Pulau Seribu was made a national marine park in 1992, however, there remains some challenges with conservation of the area. This area is considered fairly unique in he world, given that no other major city in the world has such a treasure of coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass ecological systems.

Through out the islands, and Pramuka is no different electricity is supplied via generator and usually during restricted hours. Most homestays or resorts will advise you that you can turn on the fans or aircon only after 5pm. However, the locals are very friendly, you will find small ‘warungs’ or shops selling noodles or simple meals. There is a dive shop on the island or you can hire snorkel gear. (but please, treat the coral reefs responsibly.) Turtles, dolphins, fish snakes can all be seen.

There is a turtle sanctuary on the island, some mangrove nurseries and the rangers here are more than happy to fill you in on the conservation work that they are doing. Your homestay will be more than happy to arrange a BBQ seafood dinner, and with a fishing dock on the island nearby, you will be tasting the freshest ikan bakar, cumi cumi and udang. (Barbarqued fish, squid and prawns.)

Pramuka Island is home to about 2,000 people, thus they have several schools, a mosque and a hospital on the island also. You will not find any septacular beaches to relax on, however, you can find those beaches nearby, such as Pulau Samak Daun, just ask a boatman to take you. Pramuka is still very interesting to wander around, talk to the locals, watch all the school children arrive and leave the island via taxi boats, and of course, home to some spectacular sunsets in the evenings !


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