Trekking in the Harau Valley, West Sumatra

The Harau Valley is an incredibly beautiful spot with verdant green padi and sheer cliffs rising above halfway between Pekanbaru and Bukitinggi in West Sumatra, Indonesia. (Though you can reach it via the city of Padang also) The actual valley is not particularly long, perhaps 600- 800 metres long, but it is a popular lunch spot and has several homestays worth staying at.

The area is definitely worth a walk or trek around, either by parking your car somewhere, which would also make for a great spot to have lunch and a beer or ice tea afterwards or by staying at a homestay, such as  Echo Homestay Find further information at and or ring +628126619150.

As the cliffs are up to 300 metres high, you can find some nice spots for a lookout and in the wet season spectacular waterfalls, that local kids also use as a swimming pool. It’s possible to have a rest and purchase a cool drink at one of these warung.

Of course, there is also a multitude of stalls selling carnivorous plants, such as these pitcher plants, but personally I would recommend leaving them in the jungle they below in rather than damage the environment buy encouraging locals to sell them to tourists.

Perhaps you can get more information from this forum for West Sumatra.


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3 Responses to Trekking in the Harau Valley, West Sumatra

  1. beritaenak says:

    Would really love to go there!
    Nice post! Keep up the good work!

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