Chinese Temple in China town in Padang, Indonesia (Kampung Cina)

The capital of West Sumatra, Padang, like most cities in Asia, has an old China Town quarter or Kampung Cina reflecting the culture of the Chinese diaspora who arrived on Indonesian shores. Though, much of it was destroyed in the 2009 Earthquake it is now in a state of being rebuilt according to reports.

Previously you could;

“Take a pleasant walk around the older parts of Padang like Kampung Cina (China town) where turn of the century houses line the streets. Around here you’ll see a collection of Chinese herbalists doing business as well as coffee shops that can provide a refreshing cool drink to escape the heat of the day. “


“If you can find your way down to Chinatown and get some Kripik Padang (crackers, available in two flavors: spicy and sweet), that could be a good idea, too. In Chinatown, you also can explore the mixture of Minang-Chinese food.”

However, a few years on the old Chinese quarter of Padang is again vibrant with life and business activity. Many of the old buildings in the area were built by Dutch traders over 200 years ago. As mentioned the whole city, and China town in particular is still being redeveloped, so is a “work in progress” but if you walk around you will be rewarded with all sorts of daily life and happenings. The river is teaming with boats of all kinds.

However, once you need a break from the heat, you can visit the Chinese Temple, it is quiet and serene. A quiet walk around, examine the Kung Fu pictures, burn some incense and pray to buddha or your ancestors. Walk around the ornamental fishpond filled with lilies and take a few pictures or chat with the old men that invariably always seem to be hanging around here.


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5 Responses to Chinese Temple in China town in Padang, Indonesia (Kampung Cina)

  1. nurul hidayu says:

    is there any fee or payment to enter this

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Nope. It’s just a normal temple and anyone is free to enter. (provided you are respectful)

  3. FM chang says:

    what is the Chinese name o this temple?

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