Sailing Club Tanjung Lesung, West Java

Sailing Club Tanjung Lesung, West Java is on the West Coast of Java, about 4 hours from Jakarta. Non members are welcome as are non sailors, however, with dozens of Optimists, Lasers and Picos for rent, it is the sailors that will enjoy it the most. 

The club has a dozen cottages (but they are ‘rustic’) for rent or you can stay next door at one of three houses originally built by teachers from JIS. They have a great kitchen and are open 7am until 9.00am. The nearest town is Labuang.

At the sailing club, you can going swimming, canoeing, bike riding, surfing, fishing, snorkelling  and, of course sailing. For afterwards, massages are available in the club, ‘Laser Spa’. You can organise trips to Surfing mecca, Panitan, Ujun Kulong National Park or Krakatoa Volcano.

To book email or ring David or Sofie.

Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club
Tanjung Lesung Kav. C6
Pandeglang 42281 Banten

Mobile : (62) (0) 81385151999, (62) (0) 85959 303330

Fax : (62) (0) 253 802291

E-mail :

Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club (TLSC) is a dinghy Sailing Club open to members and non-members. Simple cottage accommodation is available at affordable prices and the Club has its own very informal restaurant and bar facilities.

Legon Dadap, where the Club is located, is a beautiful sheltered bay which is ideal for sailing. An excellent white sand beach is good for swimming and boat launching.

The Club has a fleet of Lasers, Laser Radials, Laser Picos, Optimists (for young sailors) and Hobie 16 catamarans. Members may own their own boats and store at the Club. A few boats are available for rental.

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  3. Pak Liam says:

    Some more news re: Tanjung Lesung

    Last month an article concerning Tanjung Lesung appeared in the Indonesian press. It was entitled “building for the future”, and the section concerning us ran as follows:
    “The development of major integrated resorts (IR) has been prescribed for several destinations in Indonesia, including Bintan, Lombok and Tanjung Lesung, with an aim of speeding up tourism growth in these areas.
    Lombok and Tanjung Lesung in particular, have earned special attention from the Indonesian central government, who has granted both destinations Special Economic Zone status. Investors keen on developing Lombok and Tanjung Lesung are offered incentives such as tax breaks.
    Located on the western tip of Java island and some 170 km from Jakarta, Tanjung Lesung has been seeing construction of a 1500 hectare IR, led by master developer Banten West Java Tourism Development, for years now. When complete, it will have a marina, a yacht club, a ferry terminal, two 18-hole golf courses, a water theme park, hotels and residences.
    Banten West Java Tourism Development director, Setiawan, said the IR would not only function as a destination in itself, but also act as a hub to draw international visitors to Ujung Kulon National Park and Mount Anak Krakatau. “They are internationally renowned but the lack of accessibility and facilities are keeping travelers from visiting them”, he said.
    An airport is due to complete in 2015, while a toll road that will shorten traveling time between Jakarta and Tanjung Lesung by several hours will be ready by 2016.
    Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sapta Nirwandar, said: “The IRs are crucial in helping to grow other Indonesian destinations (beyond Bali), as they provide facilities that can accommodate large numbers of leisure and MICE visitors”.

    There is evidence that the announced T.L. Development into a major resort is well underway. Naturally infrastructure is a priority and in this area we have seen an entirely new road laid between Citereup and T.L. including three white lines and “cats eyes” in places. Clearly Banten province has backed this up by concreting the road from Labuan to Citereup. This work is underway. P.T. Jaba Beka has purchased the hotel previously build by and owned by their partners P.T. Banten West Java. The hotel is currently having a major restoration to bring it back to the condition it was when build. In addition the area to the right hand side of the hotel which holds footings for forty or more cottages is being cleared with a view to extending the hotel as originally planned. In 1998 P.T. BWJ built an entire village at Cikadu, 5 km away, comprising a mosque, school, clinic for residents displaced by the original T.L. Development. Most of these buildings have been demolished and new ones are under construction to house incoming P.T. Jaba Beka staff. So a lots happening. There’s probably much more we at the sailing club don’t know what!

  4. Pak Liam says:

    “The major activity at the Sailing Club since my last newsletter is the progress being made with the adjacent airport runway. By working 24 hours a day the airstrip is shaping up and we have been told by a P.T. B.W.J. director that the inaugural flight is due in July this year. The lack of rain the last six weeks ensured the Sailing Club access road has not been unduely affected by the constant flow of rock laden trucks and the presence of all types of earth moving machinery. It’s almost unbelievable but in a very short time customers will have the option of flying into the sailing club following a 25 minute ‘hop’ from Halim airport”

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