Sea Kayaking in Krabi around Poda Island

Krabi is an area of natural beauty, towering emerald green limestone karts and azure blue seas make the area stunning. What better way to see the area than from wave level ? There are several shops/companies that run sea kayaking trips, either with a group or self paddle. Like this one link but there are several on Ao Nang beach and you can negotiate yourself exactly what you want, from day trips to longer multi day trips.

An easy day trip is to circle Koh Poda and ‘chicken rock’, so named due to it’s likeness to a chicken. A local boat will transport you out to the starting point and you can then leisurely travel around islands, stopping at small secluded beaches when you will, enjoying a packed lunch and the natural beauty. You can even explore small sea caves and overhangs as you go.

Generally the trips are rather quiet and peaceful, as not that many people bother to go self power. You may see one or two ferries of, mainly Thai and Chinese tourists, but for the most part you can enjoy the feeling of being one with nature.

Certainly, I would rate sea kayaking in Krabi, Thailand as a five star activity and I cannot wait to be going there again!

Map of the route traveled sea kayaking in Krabi around Koh Poda

Map of the route traveled sea kayaking in Krabi around Koh Poda


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15 Responses to Sea Kayaking in Krabi around Poda Island

  1. pommepal says:

    Lovely photos. Takes me back to 1997 when we visited Krabi. We are planning a trip to Thailand in June.

  2. globalanni says:

    Beautiful photos! We did this a few years ago and I did not get photos so thanks for the gorgeous ones!!!

  3. Alex Khoo says:

    Very nice photos! Krabi is a nice place to be at…

  4. vignetti says:

    How I love this part of the world!

  5. Amazing photos. I didn’t make it down to Krabi on my trip to Thailand (we were in Phuket). I definitely missed that clear blue water.

  6. whitt88 says:

    Coming to your site for the first time is like opening a book, or an encyclopedia. Fascinating material, and a great eye for good photos. I’m impressed. Thanks for sharing all this research.

  7. Pak Liam says:

    Thank-you so much. I’m having fun putting this blog together, and in some cases it is reminding me of some great places I once visited.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog, I love boats and sailing!

  8. I’ve been there already. it beatiful

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