Secret entrance to hip lounge

Telephone box  secret entrance to Tabac in Kemang, Jakarta

Telephone box secret entrance to Tabac in Kemang, Jakarta

Tabac in French means “Tobacco”, and in France it usually refers to small shops selling cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, candies and some drinks. Tabac Lounge & Bar in Kemang is a small little shop not far from Eastern Promise Bar, and the name already implies, they sell tobacco – whether it is a cigar, a cigarette, or self-rolled cigarillos while you sup upon a reasonable coffee.

But that old fashion telephone box at one end of the shop turns out to be something more, the telephone is mounted on a secret door to a modern lounge style bar with decent food and the usual sort of refreshments.

Too bad it’s closed now!

Front of the shop

Tobacco and coffee shop interior

Another review from the Jakarta Globe  ‘Sleek Tabac Is An Oasis of Cool’


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2 Responses to Secret entrance to hip lounge

  1. icelandpenny says:

    I love the secret entrance, especially because it’s through a telephone booth. I wonder what it is about telephone booths? Think Clark Kent/Superman, or Dr. Who… Is Tabac now closed permanently? I think you now have us all hoping that it reopens, and thrives

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