White water rafting in Sulawesi

Being in the mountains there is plenty of options to go white water rafting in Central Sulawesi. This particular river is the Ma’iting River.

You need to carry your stuff down to the rivers

Roll the rafts up

fortunately we have helping carrying them down the mountain

There’s the river…

navigating rapids

convoy of rafts

the river

a break from rafting

River getting wider and slower


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21 Responses to White water rafting in Sulawesi

  1. Lukman says:

    Damn, I just love Toraja houses! I didn’t know they did White water rafting in Sul!

    • Pak Liam says:

      This is the Ma’iting River, but I believe there are several other options.

      • Lukman says:

        Was it a Bugis area or was it more further north?

      • Pak Liam says:

        I think this was a Bugis area, we started from Ma’dong Village and finished just outside Rantepao city

      • Lukman says:

        Awesome! I got to check it out. It seems the Sul Sel government are trying to promote the province to the world. There isn’t much to see in Makassar except the Fort Rotterdam but the development of Losari Beach is a start. I used to work in the travel industry, well just a couple of months but it would be great to see the destination get more travellers. Did you go there because of your job or was it more a hobby?

      • Pak Liam says:

        Agreed, I found Makassar a bit boring, but getting out into Tana Toraja was amazing. I went there because I love travelling, the second time I went there I took a group of school students to experience the same things that I had.

        Losari beach development is fine, the Transtudio is ok (but mainly for little kids). The road side food stalls are also pretty cool.

      • Lukman says:

        That must of been an awesome experience for the students. I really liked the chaotic nature of the public transport which was rough as guts but quite efficient! I really like road side stalls, I liked that if I was hungry at midnight I could always trust that I just had to walk 100m and there was a Satay stall. The cows on the streets gave me a scare though!

      • Pak Liam says:

        And the goats! 😉

      • Lukman says:

        Kambing rule!

  2. vivalafrique says:

    Love that first photo and those beautiful buildings. This makes me excited for my first rafting trip!

    • Pak Liam says:

      It’s hard to capture just how remote and exciting that river is, because the largest rapids you have no chance to be taking photos and there is no one else around that can do it for you. The only time I could take pics is at slow spots further down the river!

  3. Thank you. This brought back great memories of rafting in Alberta on the Red Deer River.

  4. Nicole says:

    Sorry I’m going comment crazy but this post caught my eye. I’m headed to Northern Sulawesi tomorrow? Have you been there? Have any suggestions?

    • Pak Liam says:

      This is central, 12-18 hours in a car, but they have flights twice a week. (Depending on how long you are there for.)

      Unfortunately, I’ve not yet had the chance to go to Manado, but I plan to, I hear there is some really good diving up there.

    • Pak Liam says:

      Some friends of mine suggest going to stay at some of the islands off the coast of Manado. Enjoy.

      • Nicole says:

        Yeah that’s what we’re doing we’re going to Bunaken. I was just wondering if you knew of anything else around that area. I hear it’s really beautiful. Also I love your pictures and the rafting looks great, perhaps another time I’ll be able make it to Central Sulawesi. Anyways thanks for the suggestions!

  5. What a truly amazing adventure!
    Thank you for taking us along!

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