Traveling Thailand? Tip #1 Buy a Nancy Chandler Map

Nancy Chandler map of Bangkok

This blog is about places to visit and see, normally I would not even consider writing a post about a product, but this one is different. And I am not receiving any money to say this nor do I personally know her. But Nancy Chandler’s maps of Bangkok and Chiang Mai are excellent. No doubt about it; for a tourist or for a new resident of either city.

They are well drawn, easy to read and have numerous eclectic tips of things to do and see, where to shop and eat and even includes warnings about dangerous spots or scams. They’re easy to spot as they are bright orange and pink, on sale in bookstores and news agents everywhere or you can buy one Nancy Chandler Maps online before you go.

It is also worth pointing out that each map has several smaller maps of well known and popular tourist areas enlarged on the other side, for example the Bangkok Map also contains an excellent guide/map to Chattachuck markets and also an enlarged section for Sathon and Sukhumvit Roads on the reverse.

“This essential city map for expatriates and tourists interested in more than the standard sights. Nancy Chandler offers suggestions on how to enjoy a stay in the Thai capital, where to find unique souvenirs, gifts and furnishings, plus great dining opportunities (from noodle stalls to little-known restaurants) and more. Contents include detailed guides to the Central Shopping Area, Sukhuvmit Road, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chinatown, the trendy Khao San/Phra Athit area, Central and Greater Bangkok. Complete with a pocketbook index including phone numbers and recommendations.

Known all over the world as the best tourist map. Nancy’s colorful maps are detailed guides to all there is to see and do in each city, particularly in the top shopping areas, for which she includes lane-by-lane map insets. Unique listings make it possible to personalize your experience of each city. In the indexes accompanying both maps you’ll find brew pubs, bowling alleys and polo clubs, cinemas, spas, and specials for the ‘Sweet Tooth’. Nancy also includes mention of shops supporting good causes, private galleries and museums open by appointment only, things to do with children, cooking courses, hobby shops, massage, meditation and Thai language schools, and much, much more.

NO ADVERTISING … Nancy’s map does not accept advertising, ‘tea money’ or gifts in exchange for mention on these map. Places are chosen that believe to add value to your experience of Thailand, because they are useful, fun, beautiful, or special in some way.

Attention are paid to the little things that might be of interest to you, not, in other words, what others pay to be written!”


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6 Responses to Traveling Thailand? Tip #1 Buy a Nancy Chandler Map

  1. Ana Gaby says:

    I absolutely agree. I didn’t get to meet her but I met her daughter. I looove the maps of BKK and Chiang Mai. I particularly appreciated the very detailed map of Chatuchak!

    • Pak Liam says:

      Yep, one of the single greatest tourist resources, but off the beaten track style. I lived there five years and in that time I totally wore out two of them. (And probably bought 2 or 3 more for visitors). I honestly cannot overstate how helpful they are to visitors and/or residents.

      More useful than a Lonely Planet book, imho, at least for those two cities. I sometimes think I should make one like that for Jakarta, and then think again, because it would be soooo difficult to do well.

  2. Supi Wati says:

    ( sorry my english not good ). ok thank you for your recomend… where can i get that book? i mean, not electronic. it seems useful and helpful for me. referring to going to bangkok, pattaya and perhaps phuket, i would like to buy that book. Thank you before…

    • Pak Liam says:

      You can buy them in the bookstores at the airport in Bangkok, or bookstores in any large mall in Bangkok and even some stalls on the skytrain and other tourist places.

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