Trekking the You Yangs

Not far from Melbourne is a neat little regional park on a couple of granite outcrops. The rest of melbourne is mainly lava plains, so very flat. these rocks stick out. Couple of trails go up the peak, around the top and around the bottom. Like most walks in Australian parks, plenty of visitors info etc. (well signposted right up to entrances, toilets, parking and so on.) Regional parks also allows dogs, if on a lead as opposed to National parks which do not.

The walks are well maintained, and in some parts there are a couple of fences and steps for safety. Granite cave/overhang. Apparently Aboriginal peopel used to light fires in these places during the day so that the rock would retain the heat and be warm at night.


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  1. Thanks for this info. I’ll pass it on to one of my family who is there at the moment.

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