How to get around Bangkok

Forget the tuk tuks; they’re dangerous, smelly and overpriced. Forget the motorcycles; they’re dangerous and lack aircon. Forget taxi’s; they get stuck in traffic and are not always easy to find. I will not even mention the stinking, death traps driven by yaba and red bull fueled bus drivers.

Public transport in central Bangkok is cheap, easy and comfortable. The BTS, otherwise known as Sky Train is a cheap, quick and painless means of traveling around Bangkok. They are air conditioned, well sign posted, beggar free and include handy location maps on platforms for tourist and locals alike to orient themselves. The BTW always lines up with the MRT or subway.

Each platform has a handy ticket machine, in which you select your destination, insert the required coins, (all stations have change booths as well) and then collect your one way ticket. An even easy method is to purchase a top up card, and then you always have a ticket when you need one.

The sky train even has a station at the airport, for a mere 55 baht you can travel comfortably and traffic jam free into town !

ย more details can be found on their official site,


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12 Responses to How to get around Bangkok

  1. Ana Gaby says:

    I miss the Skytrain sooo much! I used to live by Asok so I could take the SkyTrain or MRT easily!!!! Even when it was packed!!

  2. TravelEater says:

    On the Skytrain about 6 years ago, there was a captivating ad playing on the TVs that stopped all conversations and attracted all eyes. It had a catchy little tune and a divided screen which quickly flipped somewhat similar images on each side … I vaguely remember a chandelier but not much else. Any idea what company the ad was for and if it is available on YouTube? I’d love to hear the catchy song again. Or perhaps I just need to get back to Bangkok!

  3. dannignt says:

    I would have to agree about the SkyTrain, excellent addition. I spent most of my school holidays in BKK and I still love the tuk tuks ๐Ÿ™‚
    One new year’s eve (when I was young and foolish) 5 of us burly New Zealanders (2 women and 3 big men over 6 foot) were squashed into the back of a tuk tuk yelling out to anyone who would listen Sawadi Bee Mai!
    Looking back now, probably not the smartest move but it was fun!

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