Charter a Sailing boat out of Jakarta to cruise the 1000 islands

Jakarta Sailing trip I just did a combined sailing/fishing cruise in the 1000 islands, the stuff dreams are made of. We used Java See Charters. They’re not cheap, but chartering a large sailing boat never is. Roughly $2000 per day. The pictures on that website are slightly deceptive though, the sea is not the clear, well at least nowhere close to Jakarta. But once you reach the outer islands of palau seribu, there is blue seas and clean, sandy beaches.

The Cecelia Ann
The Cecelia Ann is a 60 ft wooden ketch rigged sailing boat. Its American Cruising Ketch design offers wide clear decks, combined with roomy air-conditioned interiors, stylishly finished in teak, to provide maximum comfort. This design allows us to cater for groups of up to 35 people for one day. Functions include sunset cruises, birthday parties, and the boat can accommodate up to 10 guests for live-aboard trips.

The Cecelia Ann was built in West Java from Bungur, a hard wood native to Indonesia, renowned for its suitability for boat building. The vessel was built using traditional Indonesian building techniques by the well known Bpk. Abbas of Ujung Genteng and was launched in May 2002.

The Cecelia Ann is now based in the Villa Marina Village, Anyer, which gives the vessel excellent access to all the wonders of the Western Sunda Strait.

The boat was beautiful, no doubt about that. It had AC bunks for about 10 and plenty of deck space for everyone else to sleep on.

I was a little disappointed that we did not really do much sailing, the crew preferring to motor everywhere instead. Though we did get the mainsail up on the second day as an assist to the motor.

And despite throwing out a few lines, and taking the zodiac motor boat our at sunset and sunrise we didn’t catch much at all. (1 small fish and 1 plastic bag). However, on halfway out on the first day we did sail amongst a pod of dolphins ! (no pics though, as they were gone too soon).

We motored pretty quickly passed Pramuka Island and continued outwards, we stopped at Putri Island or Princess Island, not far from Macan Island or Tiger Island. I didnt realise it, but Putri Island has a small underwater aquarium.

Sunset in the 1000 islands

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4 Responses to Charter a Sailing boat out of Jakarta to cruise the 1000 islands

  1. 1000 island is the nearest remote island from jakarta. 🙂

  2. that was a good time! check our package for party on boat in thousand islands jakarta at (redacted since it is spam) thankyou!

    • Pak Liam says:

      Liar, Alvin Bolang, you did not organise nor was your company part of this particular trip I organised. I have redacted your link, your email and your company name. Go spam some other blog.

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