Indonesia celebrates Idul Adha peacefully

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Once a year animal stalls begin to pop up around Jakarta as animal vendors make their way into the city to sell cattle and goats for sacrifice. Last Sunday, Oct 5th, (or Saturday Oct 4th if you are a Muhammadiyah muslim, they can never quite agree on dates) was Idul Adha, one of the biggest Islamic holy days of the year in Indonesia, the Islamic Day of Sacrifice. 

The vendors will set up by the sides of roads, on vacant blocks and even unfinished building sites. A cow will cost you around 15000,000 Million Rupiah, or $1,500 and a goat 3,000,000 or around $300. Many mosques will facilitate purchase of animals, you just do to the mosque make the donation and fill in a form, they will buy and butcher the animal for you. Also, many people often group together to afford a cow or bull.

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