Sultan’s Palace in Cirebon

2014-11-14 10.28.28The Kraton Kasepuhan is the oldest sultan’s palace (or kraton) in the city of Cirebon,Indonesian just a few hours east of Jakarta on the north coast of Java. It is the residence of the Sultan of Kasepuhan. While the sultan still lives in the palace, several main sections are open to the public.

It was built in 1447 and its architecture and interior are a blend of Sundanese, Javanese, Islamic, Chinese and Dutch styles. The gardens are also rather nice, though not that large.

Inside is a pavilion with white-washed walls dotted with blue-and-white Delft tiles, a marble floor and ceiling hung with French chandeliers. The palace also has a couple of small museums with a restricted display of wayang, kris, cannon, furniture, Portuguese armour, ancient royal clothes and the very elaborate Kereta Singabarong, a 17th-century gilded coach, may be seen along with a duplicate (modern) carriage used on official occasions, usually Islamic holidays.

2014-11-14 10.37.54

2014-11-14 10.43.05

2014-11-14 10.40.50

2014-11-14 10.38.35


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