Nami Island, Korea

2015-01-02 13.20.09Nami Island is roughly 65km from Seoul in the middle of a human made lake, Cheongpyeong Lake in the Han River. It is small island with many theme gardens, stages, statues and even several exhibition halls and lodgings. It has a circumference of 5km and you can follow some picturesque walking trails around it. Nami island not only has plenty of birds and trees but also squirrels, deer, ostrich and rabbits.

Before the building of the Cheongpyeong dam, this was a seasonal island, sometimes land mass and sometimes island depending on the rains. Now it is an island all year round. In 1965 thousands of trees were planted by a Korean benefactor creating a beautiful natural refuge.

Nami Island was featured in a famous Korean movie, Winter wonderland and so is a very popular tourist place. The island was named after a famous Korean General who died at the age of 26.

There are walking trails, bicycles for hire, a small electric train, sky bike and even motorboat rides.

In winter it was cold, roughly -10 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, scattered around the island were several log fires, stalls selling hot coffee and snacks, restaurants, and tourist information booths. (heated).


Entrance fee 4,000-10,000 Wong including Ferry Trip.

Parking fee 4,000 Wong

Ferry Schedule 07.30 and every half hour until 21.45

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Shuttle Insa-dong/Jamsil Nami Island 15,000 Wong Adult, 13,000 Won child

Zip Wire to Nami Island 38,000 Wong


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