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Bandung City Tour on Bus: BANDROS

Dream big. There is nothing wrong to envisage Bandung like New York City. Surely it takes time, especially courage to begin with. We acknowledge the double-deck buses in New York City and romanticize Bandung to have several like those in the Big Apple. The open-deck ones would be very nice to have. The dream finally turns into reality.

Probably Erry Pamungkas is not too familiar for us, although he is the one who proposed the name ‘Bandros’ for Bandung’s first city tour bus. Everyone thought Ridwan Kamil, the current mayor of Bandung, was the one who brought that alternative tourist transport initiative. He probably is, and whoever had the idea, Ridwan Kamil has materialized it and made it run around the streets of Bandung.

Everyone loves Bandros and rushes to ride on one of those open-deck buses. They come in red and yellow, although the red ones look very frequently in operation. If you wish to try the city tour on it, simply come to Alun-alun Bandung park and find the bus in front of the Mayor’s state residence.

Info update:Currently, the city government is evaluating the operations of the bus. During the evaluation, Bandros only serves group tour. To register, please come to Jl. Indramayu 66. (NKE)


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