Hotel Grand Central

From Hotel Grand Central, you are literally at the doorstep to all the attractions of the new heart of Singapore. Enjoy the fabulous shopping Orchard Road has to offer. Indulge in the finest cuisine of East and West. Dance the night away in the hottest nightclubs. At Hotel Grand Central, you are surrounded.

Yeah, the fact that they are singing the praises of their location rather than their facilities should tell you something. $210 for small rooms, peeling plaster, mold, faded carpets, my first room had broken aircon, second ‘upgraded’ room no hot water and a faulty TV and the breakfast was easily the worst I have ever seen.

The staff will not even help you book at taxi, after asking at the desk I was bluntly told, “We do not do that” !

But it is close to Orchard Road, shopping, food, and the stately old buildings of Singapore, so if you stay here you will be right by Orchard Plaza, but do not expect much of the hotel, they do not even have a proper lobby.

 2 1/2 stars.

2 and a half stars


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