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Klenteng Hok Lay Kiong (A Chinese Temple in Bekasi)

Klenteng Hok Lay Kiong is a Chinese Temple in the Little China Town area of Bekasi. You can find it on Jl. Kenari 1, Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17113, not far from Bekasi Junction. Visiting close to the lunar new year, and … Continue reading

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Sentul Floating Market: Pasar Ah Poong (Apung)

Pasar Ah Poong or Abung (which means floating in English) is a medium sized food market/ open air food court on the bank of a river in Sentul, just near the large Islamic centre as you get off the toll … Continue reading

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Floods in Bintaro, South Jakarta (2007)

Jakarta regularly floods, however, residents believe that we receive a larger than usual dose of rain every five years. I was ‘lucky’ enough to be present in Bintaro in 2007 when we experienced the last big floods. Over half of … Continue reading

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Sultan’s Palace in Cirebon

The Kraton Kasepuhan is the oldest sultan’s palace (or kraton) in the city of Cirebon,Indonesian just a few hours east of Jakarta on the north coast of Java. It is the residence of the Sultan of Kasepuhan. While the sultan still … Continue reading

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Children’s Fun: Playparq

Playparq have a number of venues, Kemang, Bintaro, Epicentrium and I think a couple more planned. They are a small kids play park and Bintaro and Kemang have water play areas also. For a small fee (from 40,000-90,000 IDR) your … Continue reading

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Jakarta’s skyline

Jakarta’s tallest building, Wisma 46 is visible in the skyline of central Jakarta here.

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Sea World at Ancol, Jakarta

I recently returned to Sea World at Ancol, Jakarta. Cost is reasonable, roughly $6 per head. (60,000 IDR) They have several new exhibits, including some Giant Japanese Spider crabs Macrocheira kaempferi which can reach 3-4 metres leg spans. Unfortunately, they … Continue reading

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A Jakarta Traffic Horror Story.

Last night the traffic was completely insane, a normal trip of 1-1.5 hours turned into a 6 hour door to door trip (~4.5 hours of driving). This was with a pregnant woman and 3 children aged 10 and under after … Continue reading

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Snorkeling and Diving Sites around Pramuka Island, Indonesia

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Indonesian fisherman vs coral reefs

Kepulauan Seribu or the Thousand Islands are a chain of islands to the north of Jakarta’s coast. They consist of a string of 110 islands stretching 45 km north into the Java Sea. Described as possibly the best coral reefs on … Continue reading

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