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Durian; the king of of fruits

You either love durian or hate durian. It’s smelly, creamy, tantalising and it’s one of the most unique smells of Asia. One of the treats that I always enjoy when we visit the sailing club¬† is stopping by one of … Continue reading

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Fish Harvesting (by hand) in Kuningan, West Java

¬† Kuningan is on the border of West and Central Java, roughly six hours from Jakarta, in the hills. An activity you can arrange there is Ikan Panen or fish harvesting.You do not use a line or a net or … Continue reading

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Krakatoa (Krakatau) Volcano Day Trip or Camping

Krakatoa (Krakatau) Volcano has be visited as a one day trip or one can arrange a camping trip, in which you can see, if you’re lucky a red glow and even watch Krakatoa spew out some sparks.

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