If you go to Bandung, don’t bother visiting Rumah Sosis (House of Sausage)

In the tradition of broken down, tired Indonesian style tourist places that your Indonesian colleagues may suggest to you to visit; (you may recall the awful Kota Wisata Fantasy Island or Tourist City Fantasy Island that I blogged about earlier) I have another to add to that list, Rumah Sosis.

We were visiting Bandung and my dearly beloved suggested that we would visit Rumah Sosis on the Sunday before we drove home. “Apparently they have all sorts of sausage food items there.” She knows I am a big fan of sausages, but usually what we get here is not really top quality, more processed hot dogs.

But, I appreciate the thought and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised. At this point in time I was thinking Rumah Sosis was a restaurant in Bandung somewhere, Blackberry maps had it’s location and address so all seemed fine, so while I was not exactly excited, neither was I fearful.

First tip, Setiabudi is outside Bandung, perhaps I should have known that. Plan on leaving 45 minutes or so (unusual heavy rains that turned most of Bandung into an non-navigable river on Sunday meant we took almost 2 hours to get there) news report

Upon arrival we had to find our own table, then we had to find a waiter to order.

As expected, they had a variety of processed sausage menu items involving sausage; sausage satay, sausage special, sausage soup, (yuck) and sausage rice or sausage noodles. Reminds me of this video, Daddy do you want some sausage?  The sausage choices come in chicken, beef or black papper (sic), I chose the sausage special, one bratwurst and one  chicken sausage, drowned in a not spicy sweet chilli sauce, some potatoes drizzled with cheese and pineapple salad (5 pieces of pineapple, a handful of raisins with mayonnaise spread on top) washed down with a strawberry smoothie. (no beer here!). My beloved ordered the chicken sausage with potato wedges, expect they were frozen hash browns, literally, still frozen. And the same gallon of not spicy, sweet chilli sauce. Our maid had nasi goering komplete, and that actually looked ok.

We could have then paid an minimal entry fee (around 20,000 IDR per person) to walk around the theme park inspired rides. (but dont be thinking disneyland here) Each ride costs extra, again the cost is fairly minimal. They have a flying fox, some go karts, a shooting gallery, mini golf, quad bike course and so on. Mostly looking fairly tired and run down, as you would expect. I’m betting that my ten year old boy will love it, but other than that, I would clearly and certainly advise you not to go.

1 star ‘attraction’


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2 Responses to If you go to Bandung, don’t bother visiting Rumah Sosis (House of Sausage)

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    I think you deserve a medal for even setting foot inside Rumah Sosis – just your description of the menu had me wanting to throw up. As for THAT pineapple salad……….

    I’ve had some of the best and worst food of my life here in Indonesia – I think your maid definitely had the right idea sticking with nasi goreng, generally speaking not a lot can go wrong with it 😀

  2. Pak Liam says:


    It was worse than horrid. I normally do stick with local food because they know how to cook it, my wife was trying to experiment and do something nice for me (and my son who is visiting later this year for a month) so I had to appreciate the effort. But NOT THIS PLACE!

    Stick with Trans studio, that’s good! (for youngish kids mainly) I’ll do another post about that very soon!

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