Urban Kampung around Jakarta

jakarta kampung exploreJakarta is a city where rich and poor are nestled side by side. In any area of Jakarta you can find small little villages, known as kampung small houses, side streets called gangs, and plenty of street life going on around you. Poor does not mean dirty, just interesting. Homemade shacks, banana plantations nestled alongside rivers, tollroads, under major power lines and train tracks. Where ever there exists space, some enterprising Indonesians will set up shop and home, often made of the rudest materials, scrap lumber, metal sheets are enough to build a house. 

Anyone is more than welcome to explore these little gangs and kampungs, because generally Indonesians are incredible friendly, gregarious and curious. Often a surprised cry of bule bule (foreigner, foreigner)  or pergi mana? (where are you going) can be heard when I walk or ride among the urban kampung of Jakarta.

nice swimming pool in Jakarta

Peering over a wall into a more well to do housing complex.

new money ? rich house in Jakarta in a poor area

A large, ornate house in the middle of a kampung

2015-01-17 12.03.50

Bike riding in a Jakarta kampung

sports in jakarta

Set up a volleyball net anyway

bike riding in jakarta

bike riding

bike riding in jakarta kampung

Typical Jakarta kampung

2015-01-17 12.04.27

House in a kampung

2015-01-17 12.14.19

Slightly bigger road leading out of the kampung

warung small shop bike riding the kampungs

Warung or small shop

2015-01-17 12.04.41

Loading the truck blocks the road.


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