Durian; the king of of fruits


You either love durian or hate durian. It’s smelly, creamy, tantalising and it’s one of the most unique smells of Asia. One of the treats that I always enjoy when we visit the sailing club  is stopping by one of the Durian warangs nearby Pandeglang in Banten province, West Java.

There are several stalls selling durian to take home and several of places offering a durian restaurant. AS it’s a long drive this is always a welcome break.

Find a table, pick your durian and enjoy! This type of durian is known as Durian Jatohan, which is not picked from the trees but allowed to ripen and fall naturally.

There’s an old wives tale, I don’t know how true it is, that if you drink water from the durian husk and then wash your fingers in the water you will not suffer the smelly side effects that durian is famous for!


map pandeglang

About 1.5-2 hours outside of Jakarta



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5 Responses to Durian; the king of of fruits

  1. Yeah, Duriaaaan. You should try Sumatran Durian as well.

  2. Ana Gaby says:

    Hahahaa, yuck! I can’t stand the smell. I gotta blame the pregnancy hormones during my first encounter with Durian and I’ve hated it ever since. Two pregnancies, two durian loving countries, one unbearable delicacy for me…

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