50 things to do in Indonesia before you die

This blog posting inspired me to check which ones that I had already done…


40. Watch a local football match.☑ – both in Thailand and in Indonesia (however, they were international games, Australia vs Iran, the local football games are a bit mad.
39. Eat an entire durian yourself. ☑ – eaten half a one plenty of times.
38. Visit the Badui.  ☐ no, but now I’ve heard about them I will
37. Smoke a 234 Dji Sam Soe non filter cigarette. ☑ given up now.
36. Visit the Golden Mosque. ☐ visited plenty of other mosques, how about the largest mosque in South East Asia (Istiklal Masjid) and then Jakarta’s Catholic cathedral opposite each other!
35. Feed a Komodo a chicken. ☐ I’ve seen them at the zoo, usually rubbish all over them as the locals throw anything they can at them.
34. Attend a ngaben cremation ceremony in Bali.☐ as a general rule, I hate ceremonies. Though have visited a funeral in Tana Toraga.
33. Swim from one island to another. ☐ not yet.
32. Wear a durian flavored condom. ☐ never thought about it, suppose I could do it if I felt like it.
31. Plummet down the speed slide at waterbom. ☑ damn fast!
30. Visit Schapelle Corby or another foreigner in an Indonesian prison. ☐
29. Have a massage. ☑
28. Ride a becak. ☑
27. Visit “Dolly” to conduct socio-economic research.☐ – no thanks.
26. Slaughter a cow/chicken. ☐ I’ve watched a few animals get slaughtered, particularly during Eid, I don’t think I feel the need to do so. (Though I have killed and eaten duck in Australia.
25. Go to the top of Monas. ☑ Meh. boring.
24. Watch a cockfight. ☑ in Thailand there was a motorcycle taxi guys cockfighting set up on a bit of empty land that my apartment overlooked.
23. Drive from Jakarta to Bali. ☐ don’t wanna, terribly poor roads, and a long way
22. Make a commercial. ☐ I’ve been to a couple of casting, but didn’t have the look, a mate of mine did a tim tam commercial, he never heard the end of it.
21. Attend a political rally (esp. PDIP) ☐ and try and avoid them, have been caught up, delayed on the roads by a couple.
20. Try a local brew. ☑ dangerous though.
19. Ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle in Java. ☑ technically I haven’t. though I have ridden a high powered sports bike all over BKK and Pattaya
18. Have a night out in Mangga Besar. ☑
17. Eat a strange animal. ☑ Insects.
16. Drink Kuku Bima jamu ☑ herbal brews, my better half forces a horrible chinese medicine brew down my throat when I have a bit of bali belly, and it does seem to help.
15. Fast for a day. ☑ plenty of times, the water is the hardest thing to fast from. You end up light headed by mid afternoon.
14. Write a letter/article for the Jakarta Post. ☑ yep.
13. See Superman Is Dead. ☐
12. Visit a traditional village in south Nias. ☐
11. Go down a fast flowing Indonesian river in a tire tube. ☑ I’ve rafted them instead. Much safer.
10. Climb a volcano. ☑ climbed several and will do again, they are great.
9. Play the stock /forex market. ☐
8. Go fishing with an Indonesian fisherman. ☑ didn’t catch much though, was more interested in the beer
7. Get a tattoo done.☑
6. Take in a live music show. ☑
5. Visit the Antonio Blanco Museum in Bali.☐
4. Stay with an Indonesian dukun (soothsayer). ☐
3. Take a trip to Bangkok from Jakarta (without flying). ☐
2. Watch the Kecak Dance live in Bali. ☐ – I hate watching local dances, though seen several just not this one, I think.
1. Snorkel a coral reef. ☑ Diving them is even better. I’ve swam with Turtles and dolphins too.

My extra ones.
1. Sailed with a manta ray
2. Take a train ride through the country
3. Parasailed over the puncak pass
4. Played cricket in the boonies.
5. Hitch hiked off a volcano because the car was broken
6. Golf, play a round or more of golf. – it is superb here.
7. Been flooded in.
8. Visit a local/traditional wedding – with multiple changes of clothes etc.
9. Watched a street side monkey show. (Topeng Monyet) – though that’s pretty cruel.
10. Bribe a policeman

So that makes 50 !

What other ones have I missed ?


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8 Responses to 50 things to do in Indonesia before you die

  1. O.. so you do have another Blog beside the blog about your Global Jaya School.. Glad to see this one Pak! ^^

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Yep, thanks. Actually, it’s a bit annoying, because one blog has to be my main one, I’d like to be able to swap it back and forth depending on what I am doing at the time…

  3. tjahaju says:

    Baduy.. i been there thrice. later for my fourth gonna make sure myself to see the root bridge.

  4. Pak Liam says:

    Oh really. Is it worth it?

    • tjahaju says:

      for me, yes it is!
      some baduy dalam people even came in turn to visit me (twice to binus this morning). they went to jakarta with no vehicles taken 🙂 yes, on foot, literally.
      this morning, i told them about my fourth and we planned to make it real on june 😀

      • Pak Liam says:

        To BINUS? Wow, even from where I live in on the edges of Jakarta that’s a long way. How long did it take them to walk to Simprug?

  5. Bribe a policeman… nice. My mom used to date a police in El Salvador, who would ask for bribes to take her out. She did not like him very much.

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